for iPad and iPhone


To download MemeSoEasy, hold your finger on the below black button to go directly to the App Store

MemeSoEasy lets iPad and iPhone users easily combine their photos with text captions and comments as desired.

Users resize text and photos by pinching. 

Users can control text rectangle height and width, the color of the text background and the color of the text, the corner radius, the alpha (ghosting level), the font size, and a choice of fonts too!

Users can choose to center text,  right justify, or left justify.  There are buttons that allow you to covert any text to all caps, to lower case, to leading case, and to several flavors of Studly Caps too.

Text and photos can be quickly duplicated by triple tapping.

Text and photos can easily be dragged anywhere on the screen.

Users can play their desired .gif or other compatible video content, and provide their own captions.  Just paste in any URL to such content that you know the web address for.  Our video player will fetch the content and play it.

User choice of colors can come from our color palette, or you can choose any of your camera roll photos as a color palette.  Use of a photo lets users quickly match their teams colors.  Just choose a photo that shows a logo or a jersey and touch the desired color.

You can quickly share your creations to social media, text messages, email, the camera roll, etc.

A powerful user controlled stamping engine is provided for the user to create spiral like effects with text, photos, or emoji.  The stamped patterns can be captured and animated between your chosen stamp configurations.  Unique zoom in and zoom out effects are possible.

Emojis are easily created and resized individually, or embedded in text.  Drag them and pinch them to get them to the desired location with the desired size, angle, and alpha.

Use our gradient background colors to make your creations more eye catching.

You can tile the background with your choice of photo, text, or emoji.   Pinch/spread to control the tile size.

Pie charts can be created.

We provide a tool with 6 flavors of Study Caps conversion available.  You can run 1000s of words of text through our conversion tool just by using paste.  You can easily share the converted text.  Try copy paste with song lyrics.   You can even try large portions of documents such as the Constitution.  Just find the text online, select and copy, then paste into our tool.  It will look like you spent hours making your Study Caps text message to the recipients that you share it to.   But all it takes is one second!

You can bring in an already existing meme and cover over any text and hide it with your own caption.

You can bring in a photo of any street sign or advertising sign and make fun edits that look like they were part of the original sign.  Just choose that same photo as the color palette when adding text and select the part of sign that applies to either background color or text color.   You can leave parts of the original intact, and you can hide some of the content by substituting your own creative content.